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Conference program 

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Workshops program 


Abstract Book:

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Better communication and sharing of the ideas among scientists and stakeholders are critical to achieve the goal of global food security. This conference will provide a platform for scientists to interact with each other, present their work and discuss different aspects on drought, crop physiology, genomics, biotechnology, Integrated breeding for crop improvement.

This conference will be organized under well-structured technical sessions that will include invited lectures by eminent speakers. A poster session will also be arranged to encourage participation of young researchers in the conference.

The ID-V conference Inaugural session will start in the evening of Feb 21, 2017 (around 17:00 hrs) and the conference would conclude in the evening of Feb 25, 2017 (around 17:00 hrs) and the parallel workshops would be held from 10:00-16:00 hrs on Feb 21, 2017.

Please click here to have a glance on the program. Please download the workshops program by clicking here. Conference program is available here.

We suggest all the conference delegates to reach Hyderabad by the evening / night of Feb 20 or in the morning of Feb 21, 2017. Please arrange your tickets and book your accommodation as early as possible.

Inaugural Speaker:

robert-bertram ROBERT BERTRAM
USAID's Bureau For Food Security

Key Speakers:

and many more...

Conference Topics:

105  Setting the biophysical context    
105  Maximising dryland crop production
105  Plant productivity under drought         
               images (1) Effective capture of water
               images (1) Transpiration efficiency
               images (1) Vegetative growth
               images (1) Reproductive development, yield, yield quality
105  Breeding for water-limited environments        
105  Agronomic management for water-limited environments


In addition to a rich Scientific programme, few workshops topics are proposed:

1. Sequencing and genotyping platforms

Organizers: Scott Jackson, University of Georgia, USA
  Dave Edwards, University of Western Australia, Australia


2. GWAS and GS for crop improvement

Organizers: Jose Crossa,CIMMYT, Mexico 


3. Abiotic stress tolerance in cereals

Organizers: Roberto Tuberosa, University of Bologna, Italy 
  Yunbi Xu, CIMMYT/CAAS, China 


4. Abiotic stress tolerance in legumes

Organizers: Henry Nguyen, University of Missouri, USA
  NP Singh, ICAR-Indian Institute of Pulses Research, India


5. Tolerance to Heat Stress for Crop Improvement

Organizers: PK Gupta, CCS University, India
  Kulvinder Gill, Washington State University, USA
  HS Balyan, CCS University, India


6. Genetic engineering for abiotic stress 

Organizers:  Anil Grover, University of Delhi-South Campus, India 
  Ashwani Pareek, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India


7. Drought stress & aflatoxin contamination in crops

Organizers: Baozhu Guo, USDA-Agricultural Research Service, USA
  Corley Holbrook, USDA-Agricultural Research Service, USA
  Manish Pandey, ICRISAT, India


8. IPPN workshop on precision phenotyping for improved stress tolerance   

Organizers: Roland Pieruschka, Institute of Bio- and Geosciences, Germany 
  Pervez Haider Zaidi, CIMMYT-India, India